Nagababu Cy'Killing'Punch on TDP

By - February 12, 2019 - 09:50 AM IST

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Mega brother Nagababu has come with his new video in social media, in which he again poured punches on Telugu Desam Party. This time Nagababu posted a video in his Youtube channel ‘Naa Channel Naa Ishtam’ and it went viral within minutes.

Two kids are playing with the cycles, but one of them was busy with punching the cycle after grounded it. In the background, Nagababu’s voice asked the riding boy, ‘what are you doing’ and the boy replies ‘Cycle Thokkadam (pedalling) Arogyaniki manchidi’. Whereas another boy’s reply is different for this question; ‘Cycle Thookadam (thrashing) Andhra Pradesh ki Manchidi’ the second boy answered.

The cycle is the election symbol of TDP and Nagababu intentionally made this video in satirical mode. The actual sense of Nagababu doing this video is, ‘If you want healthy (great) Andhra Pradesh, you must have to give a huge shock to Telugu Desam Party in upcoming elections’.

But, Nagababu concluded the video as ‘The video is an advertisement for a Cycle Company’. How funny it is.

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