Glamour To Action: Payal Rajput's Khaki Avatar?

By - February 13, 2019 - 08:30 AM IST

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RX 100 fame Payal Rajput is making headlines with a new gossip about her upcoming movie. As per the latest gossips, Payal roped for an action-oriented movie with a young director. Debutante Parandeep recently approached Payal and narrated the storyline, Payal admired with his script.

Grapevine is Payal will be appearing in Police Get-up, and she has to do some high voltage action sequences also, sources said. Though Khakhi dress is not new for glam-dolls, it seems different for Payal Rajput, because she is just in her early career as a heroine. On the other hand, Payal is being roped for Raviteja’s upcoming flick Disco Raja, VI Anand is wielding the megaphone.

In the meantime director, Parandeep advised Payal Rajput to learn about action films, particularly female-oriented actions films. Earlier Vijaya Santhi and some other heroines did these types of films.

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