Is Surender Reddy Frustrated?

By - February 13, 2019 - 04:10 PM IST

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It is pretty common that among the producer, actor and director, someone or the other gets sandwiched. Well, this time, the director is being frustrated in between the producer and the actor.

Well, it is nobody else than director Surender Reddy who is pretty going mad with things around him. In the making of Sye Raa, Surender Reddy is facing some creative issues with the actor Chiranjeevi and producer Ram Charan Tej. After all, they will be teamed up as they are son and father. It is also said that Surender is now regretting accepting to do this film.

He is trying to wrap up the film as soon as possible and wants to dust this film off his shoulders is what the inside sources of the production house are saying. Well, we never know what the truth is, but let us wait for something else for this news to be confirmed.


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