Will Kamal Take Over Indian-2?

By - February 18, 2019 - 05:23 PM IST

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Kamal Hassan’s Indian-2 lands in controversy again because of the latest rift between production company Lyca and Director Krish. Recently Lyca Productions has a serious discussion with Shankar and both are exchanged ‘war of words’ about the film’s progress.


As per close sources of the film, it was known that Lyca Productions is not at all happy with Shankar’s work in terms of budget and planning. They asked Shankar to explain complete details about the project; schedules, budget, locations. But Shankar failed to give the details and lyca Productions fired on him. The matter is very serious now and there is no use of Kamal Hassan’s interference, sources revealed. Recently Indian-2 shooting was commenced but Shankar is not happy with that, which creates huge tension between production house and Shankar. However, Kamal Hassan entered to mediate with production house and director.


But this time, the situation went out of the boundary. In this scenario, many are guessing that Kamal Hassan will take over the responsibility of the film as a producer. Is it possible? We have to wait for official updates about this movie.

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