Sunny Leone's Political Lust?

By - February 20, 2019 - 05:01 PM IST

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Sultry Sunny Leone making headlines with recent political developments and controversies, which are stating as she was approached by someone and offered whooping amount to talk positive for a political party particularly, but the actress denied all these rumours.

‘I am not campaigning for any political parties. If I choose to promote anything political in life, I would choose things I only believe in. In regards to discussion with anyone being a free citizen, I am entitled to do so as I am approached weekly for many different agendas by many different people. We engage and listen to everyone’ the actress gave clarity via social media. Not only Sunny Leone, but many celebrities like Sonu Sood and others are also approached by Cobra Post team with an agenda of the secret operation. Cobra Post people asked celebrities to the campaign via social media for a particular party and offered them big, some actors said OK. Cobra Post exposed celebrities’ lust over money with proofs.

But Sunny Leone denied Cobra post allegations. At this point, what step will be taken by Cobra Post? Let us wait and watch.

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