Bitter Mithai, Comedian Said Sorry

By - February 23, 2019 - 05:26 PM IST

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There was some positive expectation on Mithai, but it went flop as it gets a disastrous talk on its first day of release. All we know that Mithai was release yesterday with a positive node, especially from youth audiences.

Interestingly, Mithai released in the USA with huge expectations as makers of the movie made ‘un-censored’ gimmick but failed very badly. Starred by Rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi and Aditi Myakal, Mithai made with minimum budget and made some money even before its release, which surprises all. However, Rahul Ramakrishna said sorry for everything and he promised that he will never do the mistake, which he did it for Mithai. ‘We came with a bad movie. We have tried for some changes but they are not worked well’ Rahul Ramakrishna concluded.

On the other hand, one more youthful film 4 Letters also bitten the mud, both Tuya Chakraborthy and Anketa Maharana wasted even, they tried to attract young audiences with their bikini glamour.


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