Sultry Poonam Raises Mercury Again

By - February 26, 2019 - 09:30 AM IST

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Poonam Pandey did it again; she came with her new videos, in which she was portrayed college girl. How hot it will be when a hot beauty sports college girl look? Let us check the videos, which she posted in her social media account timeline.

It is not new for Poonam Pandey, to strip in front of the camera and she did masters in it. Poonam almost made a nude show with her recent videos. Teasing with short length videos, she said that full videos are available with her mobile app. Poonam Pandey, however, has no shame to shed clothes, has recently posted a video, which is looking like a porn video, but later she deleted. After that, she went calm and again she raises mercury levels with her new videos.

If there is a chance of Porn in India, she may be the first chance for it, many are admiring on her after looking through the hot videos. Interestingly, Poonam Pandey named her new videos as ‘School Girl Erotica’.

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