Sri Reddy Once Again Made Allegations On Nani

By - February 25, 2019 - 01:00 PM IST

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Once again, Sri Reddy takes on Telugu media and made serious allegations on Natural Star Nani. It is not new for her to make baseless allegations and use filthy language. She never feels ashamed at all. In the name of casting couch moment, Sri Reddy stripped at Film Nagar and it gave her huge publicity.

After a short break, Sri Reddy came back to Telugu land and made serious comments on Nani again, off course these baseless allegations are not new, but she has gained some publicity with her latest publicity stunt. On the other hand, many are in dilemma and saying, ‘How can Nani remain silent after Sri Reddy's allegations? It is time for Nani to put an end for this episode’. At the same time, some are asserting that it is not correct for Nani to respond about Sri Reddy,'s comments.

All we know that Sri Reddy can use vulgar language at any level so that ‘silence’ is the ‘best option’ and many celebrities who are facing the heat from her has chosen it. But, where is the end card for Sri Reddy’s allegations? Nobody knows.

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