Slap Of Love: Baahubali's Fan Moment!

By - March 05, 2019 - 07:00 PM IST

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Can any fan girl control herself, when his favourite actor gave her an opportunity for a selfie, that too with Baahubali Prabhas! Yes, here is the example. When a girl spotted Prabhas is nearing her, with lots of love she has run towards him and with his permission, she took a selfie and after, with a shocking twist, she slapped Prabhas.

It is not serious, it is just a fan moment, she slapped Prabhas but with love. However, Prabhas has poured some smiles after the touch of his fan on his cheek. In the meantime, a lady fan of Prabhas danced and made some jumps in a crazy manner. This video went viral, but where it was shot is unknown. On the other hand, not only female fans but some young boys also floated towards Prabhas for Selfies with their favourite hero.

Prabhas is currently busy with his upcoming venture Saaho, and recently Saaho team released its second chapter, that is making a video on the occasion of the birthday of Shraddha Kapoor, who is romancing Prabhas in Saaho.

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