Sensational Move By Kaushal Manda, But Why?

By - March 05, 2019 - 04:35 PM IST

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Finally, Kaushal Army heads and Kaushal Army Foundation Committee is being called off. It is official and the announcement made by Kaushal himself due to various reasons, especially serious allegations and rifts between Kaushal Army members.

Though Kaushal has some popularity with movies and modelling career, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 has made him a star, especially a fan base was created because of the happenings in Bigg House. However, after winning Bigg Boss Season 2 Title, Kaushal faced many allegations, but he has tried to overcome the issue and finally failed to succeed. At last, Kaushal took a serious decision about Kaushal Army and Kaushal Army Foundation to close its memberships for some time and he said that he will form new committees very soon after consulting his real followers.

Earlier it was reported that huge money of Kaushal Army and Kaushal Army Foundation was misused by Kaushal Manda and the allegations made by some members of the Kaushal Army.


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