Be Careful: Hot And Tough 'Deyyam' Is Here

By - March 06, 2019 - 03:45 PM IST

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Though her first film was a big hit, she is still in search of a success that will boost her career to the next level. She is none other than bubbly beauty Nandita Swetha, who earlier appeared in Ekkadiki Potahava Chinnavada. The ‘Deyyam’ character in the film worked out well and with ‘Deyyam’ role, she got some popularity in Tollywood.

Nandita Swetha is currently busy with her upcoming projects such as Prema Katha Chitram 2 and Akshara. Interestingly both are thrillers with the background of horror elements. More interesting is, Nandita Swetha is doing one more flick, that is bilingual Telugu and Tamil, titled as IPC 376. Nandita Swetha’s look from 376 has been released today and it went viral within the minutes of its release. She is sporting in Khakhee look and it is representing as she is a police officer.

However, there is another look, in which Nandita Swetha’s face is covered with a painting design. Touted to be a thriller, IPC 376 is being canned by Ram Kumar Subraman. Be careful, Cop and Deyyam Nandita Swetha here, many are commenting in her timeline quoting her recent flicks.


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