NTR's 'Lakshmi Atom Bomb' by Ram Gopal Varma

By - March 08, 2019 - 11:22 AM IST

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“Here is Trailer 2 of #LakshmisNTR being dropped by NTR from heaven like a Lakshmi Atom Bomb” this tweet is enough to say about RGV’s latest venture Lakshmi’s NTR, which is gearing up for its release on March 22nd.

The second Trailer of Lakshmi’s NTR has started with “Vaadoo Naa Pillaloo Kalisi Nannu Champesaru” dialogue, which was quoted by NTR, Telugu Desam Party founder president. Nobody has any doubts about this flick, in terms of ‘political intention’, because it is all set to bomb on Telugu Desam Party and its present chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu, who is also representing Andhra Pradesh as Chief Minister.

There are some emotional scenes in Lakshmi’s NTR second trailer, which are representing NTR family members like Harikrishna, Purandhareeswari and Balakrishna. However, it is all about ‘backstabbing’, which effected NTR’s health condition worse and it leads to his death.

Within the minutes of its release, Lakshmi’s NTR second trailer sets huge sensation all over.

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