Silly and Funny Politics in 'MAA'

By - March 09, 2019 - 02:47 PM IST

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Movie Artists Association, which has around 800 members, is making headlines with ‘internal politics’. Tomorrow, that is Sunday elections for Maa is being held and two panels, which are lead by Sivaji Raja and Naresh (senior actor) respectively.

However, the political heat touches top of its level and members of both panels are throwing mud on each other. It is known factor that MAA is just an association and it has not much power and it was proved in Sri Reddy’s ‘semi nude protest’ episode.

Both panels met Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu and many more celebrities and legends but no body shown minimum interest on these elections. ‘Go ahead with your agendas, but who ever gets win, please keep pride of MAA’ Chiranjeevi said the word to Naresh and Sivaji Raja panels, when they met him.

Many are questioning over social media as, “is it necessary to quarrel about MAA?”, this question says everything. Yes, it is just a silly and funny fight. Who ever wins, it doesn’t matter. Because after winning, both will have join hands and their differences will be trashed.

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