RGV: King Of Confidence!

By - March 09, 2019 - 10:06 AM IST

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming release Lakshmi’s NTR is creating tremors over political circles, especially in TDP cadre. Though TDP leaders and cadre are angry over Lakshmi’s NTR release, there seems some strategically silence, which is creating more suspense over the flick.

RGV and his team has already announced the Lakshmi’s NTR release date, that is 22nd march, but the present political mood may not permit to release this flick, close sources to Telugu Desam Party expressed their view.

There are some speculations about the announcement of upcoming elections, which may revealed on couple of days, if it was done, from the next minute of announcement the model code of conduct will be imposed.

In this scenario, Telugu Desam Party has plans to complain against Lakshmi’s NTR, and after Election commission of India may impose ban because the film has many scenes, which are representing ‘in favor or Against’ Telugu Desam Party.

But, as per RGV and his team, there is no chance of banning Lakshmi’s NTR and they have full of confidence about it. RGV also has cleared the air on this dispute, while speaking in an interview. That is why RGV is called as King of Confidence.

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