Mega Princes Turns Glamorous!

By - March 11, 2019 - 07:30 PM IST

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“It is not right to comment against dressing of heroines. It is their choice” Nagababu has said it in a video recently. Surprisingly Nagababu gets support from Anasuya Bharadwaj, Rashmi Gautham and some other actresses regarding dressing of heroines.

Meanwhile, daughter of Nagababu, Konidela Niharika is making headlines with her glamorous photo shoot and it went viral in social media. Though Niharika didn’t show anything hot, some are seriously trolling for her photos. On the other hand, one of the netizens made serious comments against Niharika’s Telugu speaking skills. ‘Why don’t you speak in Telugu? Are you a Telugu girl or not? Shame on you’ netizen questioned. Niharika slammed that comment and said that she has fans not only in Telugu but also in Tamil so that it is common to use English in social media, she concluded.

However, Niharika cleared the air about glamour and said that “I know what to do, how to look”. Apart from hatters questions, what about glamour? Is Niharika ready for glamorous roles? We have to wait and see. On the other side, Niharika is eagerly waiting for her next release Suryakantham.


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