RGV's Political Heat With Lakshmi's NTR

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Is RGV’s upcoming release Lakshmi’s NTR creating ‘shivers’ in the summer to Telugu Desam Party leaders and cadre? Is Varma’s publicity strategy is becoming a political threat to TDP chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu? Many are saying ‘Yes’.

Lakshmi’s NTR is slated for release on the 22nd March and it is going to be a big headache for Telugu Desam Party, because of the content ‘Vennupotu’. It is all about Telugu Desam Party founder and ex-chief minister late Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao’s last days of life. However, RGV is ‘Master Of Promotions’ and this time, he is showing his strength via social media. Just a while ago, RGV started a poll via Twitter, in which he planted a question, “Will #LakshmisNTR release, affect the result of Andhra Pradesh Election?”.

Just within the matter of minutes, hundreds and thousands of votes were flooded. Some interesting comments also posted in RGV’s timeline regarding the poll. However, RGV is also facing some negativity from TDP loyalists, but he never cares about it.

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