Nayanthara Said 'No' To Bollywood Again!

By - March 14, 2019 - 10:31 AM IST

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Though she is lady superstar of Tamil cinema, she has no interest in Bollywood and it is learnt that she said ‘no’ to a Bollywood ‘Biggie’ recently. Nayanthara is currently busy with her upcoming projects in Telugu and Tamil. She chairs the top with not only success rate, but also with remuneration in South.

Coming to do Bollywood offer, a Bollywood Biggie (producer) approached Nayantara for a prestigious flick, but Nayanthara showed no interest in the project and she said simply ‘No’ to the filmmaker. The filmmaker has tried so many times to rope in Nayanthara for his flick, but his plans are not worked out in a positive way. However, he is not willing to make the flick with any other south beauty, so that the filmmaker finally decided to do the flick with a Bollywood beauty.

Earlier, while speaking about Bollywood, Nayanthara said that she has no interest in acting for Hindi flicks. ‘Because of many commitments in Telugu and Tamil, I cannot choose Bollywood films. I’ve to go a long journey in the South so that it is not possible for me to do a Hindi flick’ Nayanthara concluded.

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