Huge Tension Over Lakshmi's NTR

By - March 15, 2019 - 04:47 PM IST

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Is Lakshmi’s NTR releasing as per the recent announcement of director Ram Gopal Varma? Earlier it was reported that the release date of Lakshmi’s NTR has been locked for March 22nd, but there are some rumours circulating as it was postponed to post elections.

Because of Telugu Desam Party’s complaint to Elections Commission of India, Makers of Lakshmi’s NTR are in plans to postpone the flick, Film Nagar sources are expressing their view. But, close sources to Lakshmi’s NTR revealed that there is no chance of postponement and it will be releasing on 22nd March. In the meantime, a video clip, which is a crucial part of Lakshmi’s NTR has been leaked in social media and it went viral within minutes of its release. The Viceroy scene, the main plot of ‘Backstabbing’ episode is already creating ‘shivers’ over the cadre of Telugu Desam Party.

It is hardly just 7 days remaining for March 22nd. So, fans of RGV are expecting a clear statement about Lakshmi’s NTR release and they are expecting more promos before its release.


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