Sri Reddy Fires, But Who Cares?

By - March 18, 2019 - 05:20 PM IST

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Sultry Sri Reddy is known for her vulgar dialogues and she made herself more vulgar recent times with her filthy publicity stunts. After casting couch allegations she went to Chennai and recently she came to Hyderabad and started negative propaganda against Pawan Kalyan, Jeevitha Rajasekhar and many more cine celebrities.

On the other side, Sri Reddy is making serious allegations against Pawan Kalyan and his party Jana Sena. Though Jana Sena Party chief or Janasainiks are not showing interest to counter Sri Reddy officially, she is not leaving her worst attitude. More interesting is, Sri Reddy is trying to campaign for the YSR Congress Party and Telugu Desam Party, but nobody from these parties is showing much interest. On her recent Facebook post, as usual, she tried to pour some ‘mud’ on Pawan Kalyan.

Earlier, Sri Reddy made allegations against Jeevitha Rajasekhar regarding MAA elections, but Jeevitha Rajasekhar has won the battle. She lends her support to Sivaji Raja but, he lost the elections to Naresh. That is the ‘power’ of Sri Reddy.

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