Cheekati Gadhilo: Without Vulgarity?

By - March 20, 2019 - 10:31 AM IST

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One of the hottest movies in recent times is nothing but Cheekati Gadhilo Chitakkottudu, in which Adith Arun, Hemanth is playing the main lead. Directed by Santosh P Jayakumar, Chekati Gadhilo Chitakkottudu also has Nikki Tamboli, Bhagya Shree Mote and Chandrika Ravi as female leads. However, the glamour of these three hotties is the main asset of the film and everyone knows it.

Though Cheekati Gadhilo Chitakkotudu declared as an ‘Adult’ film, one of the heroes Adith Arun said in an interview that the film has no vulgar content and it contains only double meaning dialogues and vocal comedy. Is it right? Recently, makers of Cheekati Gadhilo Chitakkottudu announced that the film has got clean ‘A’ certificate that means it is purely an adult movie. On the other hand, Cheekati Gadhilo Chitakkottudu named as first adult comedy in Tollywood and it will be credited as soft porn comedy in terms of dialogues, many cinema lovers are expressing their view.

In the meanwhile, Cheekathii Gadhilo Chitakkottudu has been releasing tomorrow and trade pundits are expecting moderate openings for this pic.

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