Vijay Deverakonda, A Very Special 'Rowdy'

By - March 21, 2019 - 10:31 AM IST

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Young hero Vijay Deverakonda is known for his attitude, which gave him so many die-hard fans but some times, the attitude of ‘rowdies’ is making some bad noise to him. However, VDK is trying to control the attitude of his fans.

Vijay Deverakonda is named by his fans as ‘Rowdy’ hero and recently VDK changed his name as Rowdy comrade because his upcoming flick Dear Comrade is gearing up for release in May. Coming to the point, one of Vijay's fans named his bike’s number plate as ‘Rowdy’, but traffic police stopped his vehicle and fined him. More interesting is, traffic police posted this photo in social media and it went viral within minutes of its posting. Responding to this, Vijay Deverakonda released a message to his ‘rowdies’, in which he stated as “some rules we have to follow, they are for our good, I follow them too. Show your love to anyone on any other part of your bike but keep the number plate only for numbers”.

Before this message, VDK said sorry to traffic police on behalf of his rowdies and said that he will immediately reach out all and make it aware. That is VDK, he is not just a Rowdy, and he is very special ‘Rowdy’. VDK is sweet, sensitive and responsible ‘Rowdy’. Isn’t’ it, right?

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