What Made Mohan Babu To Stage Protest Against Chandrababu?

By - March 22, 2019 - 12:08 PM IST

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A few hours back firebrand Mohan Babu has shaken the entire people of Telugu states by protesting against the Andhra Pradesh Government. He wanted to do a peaceful rally along with the students of Sri Vidyanikethan educational trust. But what made him go against Chandrababu?

According to Mohan Babu, the AP Government has a due of over 19 crores to Sri Vidya colleges in the form of fee reimbursement. Though he made many personal requests to release money in time, it did not happen. The deliberate stalling of money to his institutions is the reason why Mohan Babu going against to Chandra Babu.

But many are questioning the timing of his dharna. Some say Mohan Babu wants to show CBN in a bad light as these are the election time. Meanwhile, minutes after the rally, Police arrived and stopped him citing election code. We have to see where it will lead to.

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