Sky high Betting On Lakshmi's NTR

By - March 25, 2019 - 06:32 PM IST

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Finally, Lakshmi’s NTR is arriving with ‘sky high’ expectations. In the present elections movement in Telugu states, it will become a huge advantage for Lakshmi’s NTR in terms of openings and free publicity.

More interesting is, the betting scenario has been changed after the censor certification. Usually, films of RGV may have adult content or violence but this time he is coming with a clean film. But, what about a ‘derogatory’ word, which was placed in the promos? Nobody knows.

However, as per sources, ‘betting’ mania went viral in some of the districts in Andhra Pradesh, especially Rayalaseema and Godavari districts, which makes Lakshmi’s NTR more popular.

More interesting is, people are busy betting on the length of ‘Vennupotu’ episode. Meanwhile, trade pundits are expecting huge openings for Lakshmi’s NTR because of political heat in Telugu states.

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