Kona Changes His Voice Completely!

By - March 26, 2019 - 01:12 PM IST

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Writer Kona Venkat is known for ‘special relation’ with Pawan Kalyan and everyone knows it. But, politics is a different ball game, where anyone can speak anything and Kona Venkat has also touched the ‘dust’ because of his relatives, who are contesting from YSR Congress Party.

Recently, while speaking to the particular ‘media’, which is pro-YSRCP, Kona Venkat slammed Pawan Kalyan’s comments against Telangana. With immediate effect, fans of Pawan Kalyan started trolling against Kona Venkat in social media mercilessly.

However, Kona Venkat changed his mindset and started ‘covering-up’ the ‘rift’ made by him. In his recent press note, Kona said that she still has a good opinion on Pawan Kalyan and he cleared that the interview was edited as per YSRCP needs.

‘I wish everything will be good for Pawan Kalyan’s political Journey’ Kona Venkat added. So, the issue may be diluted soon, that too if Pawan Kalyan fans took Kona’s new comments into the consideration.

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