Why Artists Are Scared To Participate In BB-3?

By - March 29, 2019 - 11:04 AM IST

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We all know how much the season-1 and season 2 of Bigg Boss (Telugu) entertained our Telugu audiences. While Jr NTR led the first season of the show with his grace and humour, Nani also was quite funny. But, the second season was full of controversies and for some time, Nani also was at the receiving end.

So, already some internal sources are confirming that Akkineni Nagarjuna will be hosting the third season. And, makers have begun the hunt for contestants from industry. But, the artists from TFI are afraid of participating in the show. Why? Read on...

As long as Bigg Boss show runs on Television, it reaches every house and becomes a good talking point for everyone. But, how much did the show benefit the contestants of season 1 and 2? Even the winners of Bigg Boss couldn't gain anything out of it. Rather, they ended up in some or other controversies. In fact, they have become less popular after the show. Take the case of season one, artists like Dhanraj, Siva Balaji, Prince and Adarsh used to be in a decent number of movies before the Bigg Boss show. But, for various reasons, these actors are short of new offers now.

When it comes to Bigg Boss season-2, the artists who participated have sparked controversies even after they stepped out of the reality show. As a result, they faced several problems and are being ignored by directors. Considering the bad luck and jinx, the artists are now petrified about participating in next season. Amid these fears, it remains to be seen how the fresh season of Bigg Boss is going to be.

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