Is Mahesh Babu Supporting TDP?

By - April 01, 2019 - 02:09 PM IST

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Fans of Super Star Mahesh lend support to Telugu Desam Party in Gutur and it went into a hot discussion in Tollywood. As of now, Mahesh Babu didn’t support any political party and at the same time, he is not against any political party.

But, Mahesh Babu’s brother in law Galla Jayadevi, who is representing as MP from Guntur is again in the race for the same seat from Telugu Desam Party is saying that fans off Mahesh Babu are with him. While speaking to scribes Mahesh fans said that they will support Galla Jayadev in present elections. More interesting is, actor Sudheer Babu also lends support to Galla Jayadev and for the first time, Sudheer Babu talked about Special Status For Andhra Pradesh Status.

“Galla Jayadev’s win is going to be a major plus point to the development of Andhra Pradesh. Especially he can raise his voice in the parliament about Special Status’ Sudheer Babu concluded. Sources close to Galla Jayadev is saying that Mahesh will campaign for Telugu Desam Party in Guntur, but inside sources from Ghattamaneni family revealed that there are no plans of Mahesh’s campaign for any party.


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