Cheekati Gadhilo Chammak Chandra?

By - April 02, 2019 - 09:30 AM IST

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Chammak Chandra, who has got immense popularity with his wild acting skills as ‘Gayyali’ lady characters in most popular Television show Jabardast, in which Nagababu and Roja are hosting as judges.

It is known that Jabardast artists are getting good offers from cinema and some of them are showing their real talent on silver screen and getting good offers. Coming to the point, Chammak Chandra has turned into hero and did a film titled Ramasakkanoollu. One of the songs from Ramasakkanollu was released recently and it went viral in social media because of ‘vulgar’ content in this song. Meghna, who has romanced Chammak Chandra for Ramasakkanollu poured her ‘heavy’ assents on-screen and it reminds recent adult comedy Cheekati Gadhilo Chilakkottudu.

Many are calling Ramasakkanollu as Cheekati Gadhilo Chilakkottudu sequel. Though the genre of Ramasakkanollu not yet declared, the vulgar content is just looking like Cheekati Gadhilo Chithakkottudu.

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