Silent Wave Of Pawan Kalyan In AP?

By - April 03, 2019 - 02:06 PM IST

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As of now, nobody considering Pawan Kalyan as a major contender in the race of Chief Minister post in Andhra Pradesh. But, recent figures are making some positive sound for the Jana Sena Party, as it is getting a good response from people of Andhra Pradesh.

In a recent survey, it was cleared that Jana Sena Party may emerge one of the major parties in Andhra Pradesh post elections. Though Pawan Kalyan is a popular actor in Telugu cinema, he is not using is cinematic stardom and he is just behaving like a common man and it is the biggest positive factor for him, one of the political analysts expressed his view. On the other hand, another survey revealed that Pawan Kalyan may get 50 plus assembly seats and 4 to 7 Lok Sabha seats in present elections. If it happens there is no doubt that Pawan Kalyan will become King Maker in Andhra Pradesh politics.

In the meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan still maintaining low-pace in terms of political stunts and it is appealing to people of Andhra Pradesh very well.


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