Is It Too Risky Business For Maharshi?

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Super Star Mahesh Babu’s next release Maharshi is making headlines but because of ‘negative’ reasons. There are so many speculations saying that Maharshi is going to be very risky business to the producers. Whether it is about Overseas business or Nizam and Ceded business details, Maharshi’s name is being circulated in social media mercilessly.

Directed by Vamshi Paidipally, Maharshi has beautiful Pooja Hegde as the love interest of Mahesh Babu. In the meanwhile, Allari Naresh is playing another crucial role in this prestigious movie. Due to the delay of shooting, Maharshi’s release date has been postponed to April 24th to 9th of May and it is a known thing. However, some are saying that due to re-shoots only Maharshi has been postponed and it is making tremors over fans of Tollywood Super Star. On the other hand, Mahesh fans are super confident about Maharshi’s success and they are condemning the ‘negative pre-release talk’.

As per inside sources, the pre-release buzz is super positive and trade pundits are expecting massive openings. We have to wait for 9th of May for Maharshi’s power and Mahesh’s stamina.


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