Will 'Minus' Dharam Change Fate Of Sai Tej?

By - April 11, 2019 - 02:45 PM IST

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Mega Menalludu Sai Dharam Tej has changed his name as Sai Tej and he cuts the ‘Dharam’ because of some internal obligations. While speaking about the change of his name, Sai Tej said that it is all because of the director and it is not his decision. “The change has done only for Chitralahari and for my next film Dharam will come back” Teju cleared the air.

Cinema Industry is known for sentiments and we can find lots of changes in names of celebrities. Lakshmi Rai has changed her name as Raai Laxmi. Before entering into films Pawan Kalyan’s name was just ‘Kalyan’. Adding letters and deleting letters in names are very common in the Film Industry and everywhere. More interesting about Sai Dharam Tej’s name change is, ‘Dharam’ reflects hot and the film is all about ‘coolness’, that’s why director Kishore Tirumala has changed his hero’s name as ‘Sai Tej’.

Sources close to Sai Dharam Tej revealed that “If Teju gets success from Chitralahari his name will be settled as just Sai Tej”.

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