Political Race Gurram: Villain or Hero!

By - April 16, 2019 - 10:31 AM IST

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It is very common that cinema celebrities are making a sensation on politics. Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, Jayalalitha and many more celebrities have made politics not only glamorous but also they made their mark of impact on politics very strong.

Coming to the point, Maddali Siva Reddy of Race Gurram is now making his political debut in present elections. Though the original name is Ravikishan, he is popular in Telugu land with his screen name Maddali Siva Reddy only. Ravikishan made his impact on Telugu cinema very well with MLA, Kick 2, Supreme, Saaksham etc. Presently Ravikishan is contesting from Gorakhpur as Lok Sabha candidate. He is representing from Bharatiya Janata Party and speculations are saying that he will surely win the elections. ‘He may act in negative roles in cinema, but he is a person who has kind at heart and he is a loving person’ many are saying about Ravikishan.

It is learnt that Ravikishan did many social service oriented programs with his own money and they are not publicized. He may act like villain in cinema, but he is the hero in real life and it is going to be the major plus point to win the upcoming elections, friends and well wishers of Ravikishan said. Interestingly, Tollywood celebrities who worked with him already are saying the same.




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