Chitralahari: Pawan's Magic For Sai Tej

By - April 18, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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It is known that Sai Dharam Tej is very close to his ‘China Mena Mama’ Pawan Kalyan and the love between Tej and Pawan was brightened once again with the latest developments. The actual person behind the change of Sai Dharam Tej’s name as Sai Tej is none other than Pawan Kalyan, close sources to Mega Camp revealed.

Earlier it was reported that director Kishore Tirumala has ‘cut’ the ‘Dharam’ word from Sai Dharam Tej and finalized it as Sai Tej for titles of Chitralahari. Interestingly Tej too agreed on the same while speaking to scribes in the promotion process of the film. However, the reliable news has come out via Mega sources, which is saying that Pawan Kalyan and Tej held a discussion with a numerologist and with his suggestion only Tej’s name was changed from Sai Dharam Tej to Sai Tej.

Though Tej earlier cleared the air that the new name will be for only Chitralahari and his full name will apply for his next films, but after receiving positive talk for his latest release Tej has decided to continue with his new screen name for his upcoming projects too.


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