Never Before: Avengers Mania Every where!

By - April 25, 2019 - 06:30 PM IST

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It is not just a Hollywood movie, it is more than that. Avengers – The End Game is not only making headlines with its mania, but also it is making tremors in Tollywood, which is more shocking one. Many left wondering about Avengers mania and some people from Tollywood are saying that “It is not at all good for Telugu cinema”.

It is known that Young hero Nikhil Siddartha’s Arjun Suravaram has postponed due to Avengers. On the other hand, many are questing Tollywood biggies about Avengers ‘over’ mania and fabricated hype. “Is there any chance of postponement for Maharshi? If not, why the postponement occurred to Nikhil’s movie only?” they are questioning. On the other hand, it is all about business and there is no chance of questioning hype and mania, one of the trade analysts expressed his view. “It is all because of new the trend of Multiplexes and we can’t say anything negative about present trend’ he further opined.

However, Avengers is creating massive vibes against Telugu cinema and the mania is just like a ‘Super Star Film’ mania, off course Tollywood celebrities are enjoying it.


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