Avengers Continue To Dominate Global Box-Office

By - April 30, 2019 - 12:00 PM IST

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Hollywood monster 'Avengers-End Game' is continuing its storm at the global box-office and it seems unstoppable in the near time. Avengers had lit the Chinese screens on 24th April, while it got released two after that in rest of the nations - i.e 26th April.

Having got a wide release in multiple languages worldwide, the Superhero film has reportedly raked in a massive 1.2 billion dollars (Rs 8384 Crores) in just five days of release - making it the fastest film to enter the billion-dollar club. The previous instalment of Avengers, Infinity War has achieved this record in 11 days. 
When it comes to India, End Game has amassed Rs 53.10 Crores on Friday, 51.40 Crores on Saturday and 52.70 Crores on Sunday.

In total, the movie managed to grab 157.20 Crore over the first weekend of release. Never in the past, any Bollywood film has collected so massively in its first weekend. Not just in India, Avengers-End Game has earned the 'highest earner in first-weekend' tag in countries like China, Australia, Korea and Brazil.

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