Naresh Condemns Sivaji's Attack On Mega Brother

By - May 04, 2019 - 10:45 AM IST

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The former general secretary and newly elected President of MAA (Movie Artists Association), Naresh has condemned the comments made by former MAA President Sivaji on Mega Brother Naga Babu. We all know that Sivaji, during the time of elections, made some harsh comments on Naga Babu after the later entered politics and got fielded as Jana Sena's Lok Sabha candidate for Narsapuram.

"As an actor, I condemn Sivaji's attack on Naga Babu," said Naresh by adding that both Sivaji and Naga Babu were former presidents of MAA. He also took a serious objection to Sivaji's personal attack and body-shaming comments on Mega brother. Naresh said it is not appropriate to say that Naga Babu cannot walk properly. 'As an MAA President, Naga Babu Garu has taken up several development activities and I urge all members to stop bringing MAA issues to the public," said Naresh.

He further added, "It is unfair to criticize Naga Babul who personally donated Rs 6 lakh for the association. So, let's all save MAA and work together. I hereby appeal to all members of MAA to stay away from such personal attack."

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