Big Confusion For Audiences About Maharshi!

By - May 08, 2019 - 10:15 AM IST

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Super Star Mahesh Babu’s biggest release Maharshi is going to hit the theatres in just matter of hours, but the confusion about the ticket price is still haunting not only fans of Super Star, but also common audiences.

As per makers of the Maharshi, in Telangana the film is going to screen 5 shows daily with special permission. On the other hand, ticket prices are hiked in almost all theatres for Maharshi, that too for two weeks, which is now creating huge hiccups. Surprisingly, Telangana minister Talasani Srivas Yadav has condemned the hiking of ticket prices. He said that, their government hasn’t allowed hiking of ticket prices. However, there is one ‘news’ in circulation, which says that as per court directions only theater owners have hiked the prices of tickets.

In the meanwhile, theatres in Andhra Pradesh are also hiking prices of tickets for Maharshi that too for two weeks unofficially. It is known that Maharshi was made with almost 100 Cr and it is the main reason of ticket prices. But, Audiences are not happy with the hiking the ticket price, even fans of Mahesh Babu are also worrying about the latest developments.

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