Chiranjeevi Has No Link With That School

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Mega Star Chiranjeevi has millions of followers and it is a known thing. Some of ‘Mega’ fans have started a school in the name of their beloved ‘god’ like a hero and it is Chiranjeevi International Schools. However, it was projected in another way that too because of hatters.

The negative propaganda has started and it went viral in social media saying as Mega Star Chiranjeevi is using his name to ‘cash’ the popularity and so-called hatters have projected that Chiranjeevi is showing his cheapest behaviour in the name of education. However, CS International Schools team has announced that the educational institute has no connection with Mega family and is owned by one of the Megafan only. More than that CS International schools said that they are running the school to give good education to poor students and not in terms of commercial thoughts.

In the meantime, it is learnt that Mega compound is furious about the negative propaganda and they are in plans of legal action on concerned people, who spread negativity against Chiranjeevi and his family members. Meanwhile, it was heard that Mega camp has also ordered to remove their names from the ‘honorary founder’ list.

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