Kannada beauty's kirrak 'Yoga'crobatics!

By - May 21, 2019 - 01:30 PM IST

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Kannada beauty Samyuktha Hegde of Kirrak Party fame is now making headlines with her hottest ‘yoga’crobatics. Yoga is a traditional property of India and of course it is now making a big sound all over the world. On the other hand, lots of new ‘forms’ of yoga are now in circulation and many new ideas are on the way to surprise us.

One of the new forms of Yoga is very popular now and it was unofficially named as ‘Yoga’crobatics. Above pictures are showing us the theme of ‘Yoga’crobatics and the style is just looking like ‘Kamasutra’ many are commenting in social media. However, yoga is a living style and it keeps us healthy. Coming to the Kannada beauty Samyuktha Hegde, she is a special beauty, who can do freestyle dance and off course she is a trained undersea diver. Now, the Kirrak beauty has turned as ‘Yoga’crobatics specialist.

“We have only one life and we have to learn new things every day and this is my motto of living,” Samyuktha Hegde said in an interview. She is currently doing a film with Jayam Ravi and the film titled as Comali, in which Kajal Agarwal also playing another important role.

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