Dorasani First Look: Beautiful Pair

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The first look of Dorasani, which is being directed by KVR Mahendra has released just a while ago and it went viral within minutes of its release as it is appealing extraordinary especially for young hearts.

Daughter of senior actor Rajasekhar, Sivathmika is making her debut as a heroine with Dorasani and off course, Jr Rowdy Anand Deverakonda (brother of Vijay deverakonda) also is making his debut with this special film. The film is all about Raju, a common man and Dorasani. The first look has almost revealed many secrets as the lead pair is stunning with superb expressions. In one angle, Shivathmika is looking like her mom Jeevitha and in another angle, we can find the shade of his dad Rajasekhar.

Coming to Anand Deverakonda, he steals every heart just with his eyes and there is no doubt about it. For the first look, makers have chosen the best photograph, that’s why the first look went viral in social media. Suresh Productions and Madhura Entertainments are jointly bankrolling this prestigious project.

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