Funny: First Time In Hospital For This Beauty

By - June 04, 2019 - 11:30 AM IST

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Believe it or not, she said that it is true. What does she say? She says that for the first time she has faced a hospital. Feeling like unbelievable? But, it is true. She is none other than Sneha Ullal, who earlier did some Telugu films like Current (Sushanth – Hero), Simha (Balakrishna and Boypati combo) etc.

While posting some pictures in her social media, Sneha said “So I was hospitalised for the first time in my life. I had a very high fever that wasn’t dying down despite multiple treatments. It was scary. BUT. “After a while of terrible health, I'm finally a lil better. I have been asked to rest it out as much as possible. So that's going to be boring. But I have my Netflix and a bunch of very caring #foreverkindofpeople with me to keep me going. Cant wait to get back to work. I wish you all good health.”

Looking like a funny statement? It’s not your fault. She just did a publicity stunt, many are saying like this. However, the truth is, Sneha suffered some illness and she went to the hospital. But, ‘the first time’ is not at all a true one.

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