Roja To Quit Jabardasth Soon?

By - June 07, 2019 - 04:00 PM IST

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The one and only biggest comedy show in Telugu television history is none other than Jabardasth and there is no doubt about it. Judges panel (Nagababu and Roja) is the main pillar for Jabardasth, but due to various reasons, Nagababu and Roja have skipped some episodes recently.


However, Roja is back to Jabardasth and with her re-entry, the glamour of the show is now looking more colorful when compared with recent episodes (elections time). But, Nagababu took some extra time to make his re-entry into Jabardasth.


As per the latest gossips, Roja is in plans of saying ‘goodbye’ to the show, as she is getting ‘key’ post in YSR Congress Party. Presently Roja is representing as MLA from Nagiri constituency. She is second time MLA from this constituency.


On the other hand, Nagababu has failed to get Narsapuram Lok Sabha constituency in recent elections. He is also getting busy in Jana Sena Party, but he has no plans of quitting Jabardasth, sources revealed.

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