Tapsee's Funny Publicity Stunts!

By - June 08, 2019 - 12:29 PM IST

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Though she did many meaty roles in Tollywood, hot beauty Taapsee Pannu has scored sensational hits in Bollywood that too with her acting skills. However, Taapsee becomes the care of address for publicity stunts and it is known to all.


She did many publicity stunts by making derogatory comments on Telugu cinema. Taapsee has made her debut in Tollywood with senior director K Raghavendra Rao’s directorial venture Jummandi Nadam and after she did many Telugu films like Mr. Perfect, Daruvu, Shadow, etc.


Taapsee’s controversial comments against K Raghavendra Rao went viral and after facing so much criticism, she said ‘sorry’ to the senior director. Now, Taapsee made another silly comment on audiences. “People like to spend 500 Rupees to see the cine stars on screen, but they don’t like them as neighbors,” Taapsee said.


“It is too funny to hear Taapsee’s comments. Maybe she is suffering from publicity disorder” one of the netizens expressed his view. “Not only this time, every time Tapsee used to make silly comments and all for the publicity only” many of netzines pouring comments over social media.


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