Taapsee's Big Expectations From Tollywood?

By - June 12, 2019 - 02:30 PM IST

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Is Taapsee Pannu expecting big in Tollywood? Maybe, she is looking for big changes in Telugu cinema and there is nothing surprising or suspicious about it. Taapsee made her debut in Telugu with Jummandhi Nadam, which was directed by K Raghavendra Rao and it is known to all.

However, Taapsee Pannu made serious allegations against K Raghavendra Rao and off course on Tollywood in the sense of glamour, skin show and especially she has made silly comments on vulgarity. After lots of criticism, Taapse took back her words and said ‘sorry’ too. Coming to the point, Taapse in her recent interview has said that she is eagerly waiting for commercial roles, especially glamorous roles. Further, she cleared the air that nobody is showing interest in her in the sense of glamorous roles.

How funny it is? She earlier said that she hasn’t interest in doing glamorous characters. And now, she is looking for commercial roles. What Taapsee is expecting from Tollywood? Nobody knows.

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