Hero Said Good Bye To 'IDEA'

By - June 20, 2019 - 08:00 PM IST

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Young hero Adivi Sesh, who has become a versatile actor with different characters in different films is now quitting ‘IDEA’ and has written the reasons clearly on his social media pages. It is all about ‘IDEA’,  one of the popular mobile networks in India.


While revealing the reasons, the actor said  “6 Reasons to quit @Idea cellular - You charged me for an International Pack that didn't work. You didn't have the decency to refund. It's not the cost, it's unethical. Your call quality & call drops are legendary in Hyderabad. Your reps don't know anything. & EVERYDAY SPAM calls.”


On the other hand, the company also has responded to the actor’s concern and says that they don’t want to leave the customer unhappy. “We are right here to assist you. Request you to DM us your Idea contact number along with an alternate number to assist you further” the company replied.


But, Adivi Sesh is not in the mood of continuing with Idea and he has cleared the airs by posting “12 phone calls with my assistant. Two with me. Done. Bye”.


However, it is very common for the companies to show recklessness, but when things go wrong affecting their brand image, for sure they will step down and convince the celebrities because of the popularity. We have to wait to know further developments in this case.

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