Injuries And Accidents Worrying Tollywood!

By - June 20, 2019 - 04:00 PM IST

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Firstly, it's Gopichand, Varun Tej and later, Sundeep Kishan, Sharwanand and Naga Shourya. Freshly, it's comedian Chalaki Chanti.

One after the other, our film artists are being faced with injuries and accidents. In fact, it has become a trend in the recent past. While some of the actors suffered injure while shooting, others are falling prey to road accidents. Thankfully, all of them are safe and are recovering well. The injuries to young actors of Tollywood is not just worrying their fans, but also many producers.

RRR, the big-ticket film, also faced this problem. While sweating in the gym for his role in RRR, Ram Charan got injured and it led to halting the shoot for a few days. On the other hand, Jr NTR too suffered an injury to his hand while shooting for an action scene. Both the incidents did not allow Rajamouli to continue the shoot and he had to stop it for a few days. In the meanwhile, other artists of Tollywood also got injured on sets.

Take the case of Sharwanand, who got injured while training for sky-diving. He's been admitted to Sun Shine hospital in Hyderabad for a surgery. Now, he was advised by doctors to take bed rest for two months. As a result, both of his films '96 remake' and 'Ranarangam' have been paused. These films won't be resumed until the actor recovers. Eventually, it's a huge loss to the producer because the film will not get completed as planned and the call sheets which were finalized earlier should be reworked again. Even if actors begin shooting after his recovery, it's a daunting task to set the combination of other artists and their dates.

On top it, film's release date will get impacted and producers will have to shell out a bigger interest to the financier. Recently, Sundeep Kishan also got injured while shooting a stunt for his new film. An unfortunate accident in a glass blast sequence has left a small cut in actor's face. What if it would be a much deeper cut? Had it not impacted his life & career? Even after Sundeep recovers, the marks on the face may take time to get cleared. Until then, makers will have to stop shooting and the actor may not be able to deliver the performance with much confidence.

As the danger can approach in any possible way, every artist on the set much be highly careful and secure. Also, given the fact that several advanced methodologies are in place, our makers should utilize them to avoid such risk-involved stunts on set. Because it may damage the career of these actors bigtime and it also yields a big loss to film. Particularly, young actors must be a little more protective and careful about it.

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