Kathi Mahesh's 3 Suggestions To Pawan Kalyan

By - June 24, 2019 - 02:30 PM IST

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The general elections in AP changed the fate of several parties. While YSRCP has gained power, TDP is looking very weak with only 23 legislators. On the other hand, Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena had to settle down with just 1 MLA seat. 

Post the election, TDP leaders are seeing a great opportunity in the form of BJP. They slowly began to switch sides. Given these conditions, some political analysts are indicating that it's a great opportunity for Jana Sena to emerge as a big force in the state. Amid all the developments, Pawan Kalyan is looking to revive his Jana Sena Party and is scheduled to announce new committees on Monday afternoon.  

At this juncture, movie critic and political commentator Kathi Mahesh has taken to social media and posted 3 suggestions to Pawan Kalyan which, he thinks, can make him CM in 2024. The controversial Kathi Mahesh has taken to his social media page and posted three ways. In a satirical tone, Mahesh said "I, being the biggest fan of Pawan Kalyan, is quite disappointed for Jana Sena's performance in 2019 polls. So, I have decided to put down a three-way strategy which can help Pawan to become CM in 2024."

1. As TDP is on verge of getting faded away, Pawan must focus on setting up committees at village, mandal and district level. Since Jana Sena is aiming at zero-budget politics, they must try to seek financial assistance from party sympathizers and the general public. Also, Party leader should get along well with cadre and should select 50-60 constituencies all over the state and try to visit them as many times as possible. The ground level fight on public issues will certainly project new faces as MLA candidates.

2. As BJP is making efforts to vanish TDP in AP, Pawan must take this as an opportunity to merge Jana Sena in Bharatiya Janata Party and he must take over the party's state leadership as they lack a star campaigner. This is the easiest and effortless activity for Pawan. If he can't become CM of Andhra, there is a chance he might become the Vice President of India or governor of a state.

3. The final suggestion was to get the Kapu leaders under one roof and merge in TDP. Since Nara Lokesh's career looks bleak, Pawan can be a No. 2 in Telugu Desam Party. In the years to come, he can also emerge as No.1 and will have the opportunity to become Chief Minister of state.

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