Huge Shock For Nagababu From 'MAA'

By - June 24, 2019 - 10:00 AM IST

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We have witnessed the worst ever politics in Tollywood regarding Movie Artists Association elections. Though it was just an election for a small association, politics in Tollywood were exposed to its lowest level.


It is known that Mega brother Nagababu has supported Naresh’s panel and he gets ‘return gift’ from Sivaji Raja in recent general elections in Andhra Pradesh. However, Sivaji Raja and Naresh have joined hands now and it is really a shocking thing for Mega brother Nagababu.


How can, Naresh join hands with Sivaji Raja? Many are pouring questions over social media. At the same time, lots of discussions are happening in Tollywood about this issue. “Cinema is more than politics.


“Nagababu did a mistake and it is none other than supporting Naresh” many are expressing their view. However, Nagababu’s failure in politics is not because of Sivaji Raja, but his disgusting behavior regarding Nagababu is the real issue, one of the mega fans said.

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