Chiru For CM Post, What About Pawan?

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Politics is a different ball game and anything can happen at any time in any way, that’s the specialty. Coming to the point, there are lots of rumors, which are saying as Mega Star Chiranjeevi may become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh soon.


Is there any possibility for Mega Star to become Chief Minister? Many are in shocking mode after hearing the gossip. But, as we said above, if things worked out in a positive node for Mega Star, very soon we may witness the Mega scene as reality.


As per inside sources, Bharatiya Janata Party, which is the ruling party now in the center, is having Mega plans for Andhra Pradesh and BJP leaders have already started talks with Mega Star Chiranjeevi.



However, there is no positive sign from Mega compound about these speculations and one of the close sources to the Mega camp said that Chiranjeevi has no political plans as of now. On the other hand, many are expressing doubts like, what will be next step of Pawan Kalyan if Chiranjeevi gets the chance of becoming CM?  “Pawan may follow his brother’s footsteps” some of the PSPK fans are expressing their view via social media.

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