Super Star's Daughter Gets Trolled

By - July 01, 2019 - 08:00 AM IST

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Tamil Super Star Rajnikanth’s darling daughter Soundarya gets trolled mercilessly in social media all because of her latest social media posting, in which she was seen with her daughter while swimming.


It is known that Chennai, capital city of Tamilnadu is facing serious water problem. Even celebrities aren’t able to get sufficient water. Many software companies and popular hotels are also facing the heat of ‘lack of water’.


“How can you behave like this? Don’t you have social responsibility?” many are pouring questions and off course they are trolling Soundarya in a disgusting manner. However, Soundarya has deleted the photo and said that the photo was posted in lines of encouraging physical activity to children only.


“I’ve no intension of wasting water. I’ll always aware of social issues and for sure I’ll fight against social problems. And finally I’ll say save water” the actress concluded.

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