Too Risky, But Naga Shaurya Is Confident!

By - July 09, 2019 - 07:00 PM IST

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Though he was injured while shooting a risky stunt for his next flick, young hero Naga Shaurya is saying that he will do it again.

“Yes, I want to take the risk again. For sure, this time I’ll do it without any injuries. I’ve to take more precautions before going for the shoot” Naga Shaurya said in his latest interview about the risky stunt, which was designed for his next flick. Naga Shaurya himself is producing the flick under Ira Creations banner and it was tentatively titled as Ashwaddhama. Mehreen Kaur is romancing Naga Shaurya for this project.

After the injury, Naga Shaurya is currently taking some rest and off course he is attending the shoot too. While speaking about his upcoming projects, Naga Shaurya said he is doing a flick in Avasrala Srinivas direction and after he will do a flick with Santosh, who earlier directed Subrahmanyapuram.

However, young heroes will take necessary precautions while shooting for risky stunts and they have to understand that injuries will affect the project very badly.

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